Our Newest Addition to the Huracan Family


Strong, yet lightweight and easy to control, the Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 conveyer has a 126′ 6″ (38.55m) horizontal reach to save you time and labor. The five-section telescoping boom and fully hydraulic conveyor handle concrete slumps from 0 to 12 inches (0 to 305mm) and materials ranging from sand to 4-inch (101.6mm) rock. With an outrigger design for quick setup in congested areas and rough terrain, the TB 130 is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, bridge decks, and landscaping.


  • Six hopper options to fit different job needs
  • Low unfolding height
  • Handles high volumes, wide variety of materials
  • Reversing conveyor feature to switch direction of material flow
  • Performs multiple tasks from one location